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    Why did you get a dog?
    CompanionProtectionFor ChildRescued him/herJust wanted one

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    How much time do you have to train your dog each day?
    I am way too busy to train my dog20 minutes per day40 minutes per day1 hour per dayAs much as needed

    What type of housing do you live in?

    Is your dog allowed free range of the home?

    Does your dog chew, steal or destroy things inappropriately?

    Is your dog accustomed to being crated or confined?

    How does he/she behave when crated? (required)

    What, if anything, is inside your dog's crate? A bed, blanket? (required)

    Is your dog allowed on furniture?

    Are you aware of how your dog behaves while you are not home? Is barking or separation anxiety an issue as far as you can tell?

    How often is your dog exercised? How?

    Check off all that you feel describes your dog's personality.
    NervousHigh StrungStubbornSuspiciousAbove Average IntelligenceAverage IntelligenceSlow to LearnVery AffectionateDominantSubmissiveSensitiveIndependentProtectiveUnpredictableSpoiledPrey DrivenPrefers dogs over peoplePrefers people over dogs

    Does your dog exhibit fears or phobias? (Thunderstorms, noises, fear of objects?)

    Is your dog possessive of food, toys, or bones? Please explain.

    How would you describe your dog's general social skills?
    ExcellentNeeds WorkPoorUnknown

    Describe your dog's behavior if passing other dogs on walks.

    Collars you have used or tried previously (please check all that apply)
    Prong or Pinch CollarChoke CollarElectronic CollarBuckle, Nylon or LeatherBody HarnessHead HarnessMartingaleOther

    What are your top three training goals? (required)

    What is your dog's training history?

    Which cues/commands does your dog know?
    SitStayDownComeHeelLeave It

    Out of 10 times, how reliable are they on the above commands?

    Your dog's food is...
    Available 24 hours a dayFed at specific times

    Will he/she sit and wait for food until released?

    Would you describe your dog as...
    UnderweightIdeal WeightOverweight

    Is your dog sensitive about any body part being handled or groomed?

    Does your dog exhibit any odd or strange behaviors? (Repetitive behavior, obsession, confusion)

    Is your dog spayed or neutered?

    Is your dog currently taking any medications or supplements?

    Has your dog ever bitten another dog? If so, please explain. (required)

    Please check any of the below which were a result of the incident.
    PuncturesStitchesVet VisitsNot Applicable

    Has your dog ever bitten a human? If yes, how many times? (required)

    Please check any of the below which were a result of the incident.
    PuncturesStitchesVet VisitsNot Applicable

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