This is why we do what we do…  It is all about you and your dogs, getting to a place where you and your dogs have balance in life and a lifetime of understanding and respect between one another.


This Little Doggie Stayed Home Testimonial I reached out to Lindsey after my dog, Dobby, got in a bad fight with a couple of his dog friends. Dobby is a fearful dog who suffers from extreme anxiety around people as well as other dogs. When I spoke to Lindsey I immediately knew she was going to be a great fit for us – she inquired about my specific concerns and expectations and even gave us a few things to do on our own before our first training session.
I cannot believe the amount of things Dobby learned in just three sessions of training. However, Lindsey went far beyond just the three sessions, she was consistently checking in and offering encouragement and suggestions when I expressed frustration with certain training exercises. Even though our formal training sessions are over, I know Lindsey will be there to guide us anytime and continues to root for our success.
A few of the many things Dobby learned include “place”, drastically improved leash manners, threshold control, and polite playing with other dogs. Also, my favorite, how to swim! Dobby was terrified of water and I just accepted he would never be a swimmer but he learned to swim in record time and now it’s one of our favorite activities. Dobby’s increased confidence and our overall happiness as a result of the training is absolutely priceless. Thank you, Lindsey!!

~Tracy & Dobby


This Little Doggie Stayed Home Testimonial

Pet Sitting – Lindsey and her team do an amazing job! They make sure my fur kid gets plenty of exercise, lots of love, treats and anything else she may need.  I get an update with a picture after every visit so I never have to worry.   It gives me peace of mind knowing my animals are cared for by people who love them as much as I do.

Training – My 18 month old pittie mix Sophie was a complete mess.  She would bark, growl, lunge and make a scene at anything that moved, this included not only people, but dogs, bikes, skateboards, children, lizards, and even blowing leaves!  As you can imagine simple things such as daily walks and house guests were a nightmare.  I called Lindsey and she arrived in her Chuck T’s with a prong collar and a depth of knowledge that turned our lives around.  Fast forward a few months and Sophie is now e collar trained, off leash reliable, and a well-mannered pup that I enjoy walking and am proud to show off.  I am forever indebted to Lindsey for peeling away the layers of fear allowing Sophie to reach her full potential.  Lindsey has reestablished balance in my home and continues to guide us so our human/canine relationship will flourish. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

~Melissa & Sophie


This Little Dog Stayed Home TestimonialLindsey’s training method changed my relationship with my dogs. Her goal isn’t to turn me into the supreme overlord of my pets. Instead it taught me how to work with their doggie nature to make good decisions. She helped me turn one of my rescues, Katie, from borderline scary into the sweet, charming meatball she was meant to be.

~Darenna & Katie


I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about This Little Doggy Stayed Home!

Lindsey is a miracle worker.  I adopted Luna (a boxer/ pit bull mix) a year ago.  She was a rescue and had some MAJOR confidence issues and is scared of leaves if they blow the wrong way.  I babied her and gave into her every need because that is what I thought she needed.  Well now that she is over 50 pounds and just wants to love everything she sees, she was rude and too big to have behavioral issues.  I couldn’t take her on a walk without her loosing her mind and pulling my arm off when she would see another dog or person.  She would follow me EVERYWHERE.  I couldn’t take a shower without her trying to come in with me or crawl into bed with me.  I knew something needed to be done!

A friend of mine who had worked with Lindsey recommended her for Luna.  I kid you not, after an hour with her, she was a new dog.  Lindsey started by cleaning up Luna’s walk, which is really the root of her confidence issues and where it all needed to start.  I had never worked with the type of collar she wanted to use on Luna, and I felt comfortable while she walked me through how to put it on the right way, and how it feels for the dog when it is being used during training.  Lindsey taught me how to use pressure to correct bad behavior when it came to walking.  So simple, pressure on for bad behavior, pressure off when the dog corrects themselves.  Within a week of practice, Luna became an AWESOME walker.  I love taking her out places now knowing that she’ll behave and that she wont try to fight me on the leash!

The next thing Lindsey taught Luna and me was how to keep her in one spot, and my god that was the life saver.  Luna has a few designated spots in my house that I can put her in “place” and she stays there. She typically falls asleep or will calmly watch whatever is going on.  For a dog that thinks and moves a million miles an hour, this was a MILESTONE.

Lindsey even introduced Luna to her own dogs and a treadmill to help with confidence issues!

I feel so much more comfortable taking her in public and having friends over knowing she’s not going to loose her head in excitement.  I don’t have the anxiety of thinking she’s going to get in any persons, or other dog’s face, and cause problems.  I could sing praises all day to Lindsey and This Little Doggie Stayed Home!

~Laine & Luna


Lindsey Wescott, Doggie Stayed Home Founder & TrainerMy husband and I had adopted a beautiful little Staffie name Jynx mid 2014.  She was a complete joy from the very beginning.  Bright, cooperative, and filled with energy.  In our home Jynx would follow all basic commands…stay, leave it, sit, down.  We felt blessed to have her in our lives.  Unfortunately when we would try and take Jynx out for a walk, another part of her brain would engage.  It was a powerfully fearful part at that.  Jynx would lunge, holler, growl, bark and anything else she could think of at the mere sight of another dog.  It was horrible.  We signed up for a series of group lessons from a large petstore.  Needless to say, our Jynx was a training school drop out.  She was so out of control, she never attended one single class alongside of  another dog.  She took her training classes alone, and passed with flying colors.   Unfortunately, we were still left with a mentally unhappy Jynx.  I could not walk her, and it took everything my husband had to keep her in check on their walks.

I put an all call out to a local network of mine, and was blessed to have the name of Lindsey Wescott given to me with a gushing testimonial of how wonderful she was.  I reached out to Lindsey and we spoke at length about Jynx’s issues and she agreed to meet with my husband and I for an intervention.  I was optimistically hopeful.

December 2014 was the true beginning of Jynx’s mental parole.  Within 20 minutes of working with Jynx, Lindsey had Jynx walking at a heal, not barking, and not lunging at other dogs.  In fact, Lindsey’s own pack member, darling little Quincy, was walking side by side with Jynx and laying down on the dog cot together.  For the first time ever, Jynx had peace in her beautiful puppy eyes while outside of our home.

Lindsey taught us how to properly, and safely, use the prong collar with corrections as we walked Jynx.  Although a prong collar appears barbaric, it isn’t.  Lindsey allowed us to examine the collar, feel the correction on our arms, and extensively discussed the proper tightness, placement, and use of the collar.  With the corrections being done properly Jynx quickly understood she was to look to us for direction.   This was mentally freeing for her and you could physically see the paradigm shift in her behavior.

Place is another wonderful tool enacted with Lindsey’s training program.  It allows Jynx (and her new baby brother, Henry) to have a safe, structured area to go to in our home that allows them to be in a relaxed state of being.  They go to place when we enjoy our meals, welcome guests to our home, and just for the pure mental break that the dogs need.

Lindsey has boarded our dogs for us as well.  She has a safe, comfortable setting for the dogs, and provides additional reinforcement of their new calmer lifestyles.  When my dogs are with Lindsey,  and her exceptional calibur of staff members, I can relax and enjoy myself, as I know they are in the best of care.   Joining Lindsey’s pack goes well beyond the expected.   There are organized pack walks that allow for her clients to gather, walk their dogs, share experiences, and support each other.   It’s fun and educational for all that attend.

If you want a trainer that will be honest, caring, no nonsense, filled with integrity and skill, with fees that are spot on…This Little Doggie Stayed Home is the place for you and your beloved pet.

With lifelong gratitude, John, Trish, Henry & Jynx

Hope, Jasper, Lucy & Frisco

This Little Doggie Stayed Home This Little Doggie Stayed Home This Little Doggie Stayed Home

Bob and I (and Hope…Jasper, Lucy & Frisco) can’t thank you enough for coming into our lives!!!!  How lucky we are to have found you!  I KNOW that our pups ALL enjoyed having you come over to visit while we were off vacationing!  From the moment I met you I really liked you, and admired you and your organization for all of your fur kid families!  We knew you were the BEST choice for us when we witnessed how much time you spent with our “fur kids”, and us during our first introduction!  You are a very special person, and we’re thankful that Erica posted your business card in our yoga studio!  We have had 3 different dog sitters in the past, and I feel like we can finally feel confident in saying “OUR dog sitter”, because there is nobody else we would have taking care of our fur kids!  The “report cards” and random photos and texts during our vacation gave us that extra smile for the day!  You are the BEST!!!  THANKS for all you do!!!!!

~Michelle & Bob (and Hope, Jasper, Lucy & Frisco)

Riggins, Laguna, Mowgli & Tyson

IMG_20150601_094708Pet Sitting:  This Little Doggie Stayed Home has been a IMG_20150601_095716HUGE relief for us. We have two very needy cats that need lots of care while we are gone. We used to have friends stop by and check on them but I always worried. Since we started having TLDSH check on them, I no longer worry when we leave. Between the pictures they send me when they check on them and the very detailed notes they leave of their daily activities, it sets my mind at ease.
I know they are in the best possible hands when I leave.

Dog Training:  Lindsey from TLDSH has changed our lives with our crazy boxers!! We have a very fearful boxer male that doesn’t like to meet new people. He was very reactive on walks with his boxer sister and sometimes very difficult to control. Walks were pretty much miserable. I brought Lindsey in to help us harness the chaos.
Mowgli - This Little Doggie Stayed HomeShe stepped right in, provided Tyson of This Little Doggie Stayed Homeus with new tools that showed INSTANT results.
Not only are we able to walk peacefully now even when we pass other people or dogs, but we also have better control within the home. Not only did she help with our fearful boy, but she also helped with our super sweet but very anxious girl. She helped us give her more structure to help calm her anxiety which in turn helped her brother be less reactive. We actually get comments regularly about how well behaved they are. I never imagined that would happen. I highly recommend her to anyone who asks for recommendations on dog training.

~Victoria & Isaac


Not a day goes by that we can’t thank you enough for helping us with
Lily.  She is now well behaved on the leash and walks like a Princess!
Thank you for giving us the time and tools to train her. What a gift
you are to every lucky dog that comes your way!  You’re an AMAZING and
TALENTED trainer. We owe it all to you!

~Cindy, Todd, Max & Lily


AtlasSo happy I found these ladies. They let my large lap dog (who isn’t great with other dogs while on leash) out every day.  I am confident that they are taking great care of him, he won’t tear loose after another dog and get me kicked out of my apartment complex, and that he will be well loved and watered. They also leave a report of what they did and how he did every day. That peace of mind means a lot to me. As a perk, I get an adorable picture of him every day at work. He loves it, I love it. Everyone is happy.

~ Bianca & Atlas


Lindsey with This Little Doggie Stayed Home has helped my family immensely and we can’t thank her enough! If you need or are debating if you need a dog trainer, pet sitter, or dog walker stop what you are doing and CONTACT Lindsey! I promise you wont be disappointed! I am the proud FurMom of a Fear Dog named Indy, or I should say Recovering Fear Dog, and this is all thanks to Lindsey. A dog with behavioral issues can be very stressful for everyone involved and Lindsey does an amazing job alleviating that stress. Her caring and personable demeanor is Furtastic!

We rescued Indy and soon realized he had a very hard time dealing with people and new environments. We did our best to socialize him but after every walk and hike, my heart ached for Indy. He was a nervous wreck! Constantly looking for a way to escape and shaking inconsolably. My husband and I knew we needed help! We contacted several dog trainers but Lindsey was the first one who was concerned about our entire families well being. Before hiring Lindsey she spent an hour on the phone with me discussing Indy. Lindsey provided several tips and asked that I text her anytime I felt frustrated, sad, or in need of help. Who does that!?! Lindsey does because as I mentioned, she is amazing! We are FOREVER THANKFUL to Lindsey and her pack.

~The Boorse Family

Ariel, Buddy and Michael


My husband and I love Lindsey and her team. While on vacation, we received pictures and updates after every walk/visit. We were left feeling at peace knowing we had the best people taking care of our fur babies. Do not hesitate to call Lindsey and her team, you will not be disappointed!

~Claudine, Ariel, Buddy and Michael